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Grill Box

Grill Box

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Portable barbecue grill box fits 14 in and 16 in Camp Chef outdoor gas stoves Perfect for easy backyard or campsite grilling Removable cast-iron grill plate for easy cleaning
Lid with damper plate lets you control the temperature while sealing in flavor Heat diffuser plate for even cooking and grease control

Transform your outdoor gas stove into a barbecue grill with this Barbecue Box from Camp Chef. It covers one burner on both the 14-inch and 16-inch Camp Chef outdoor cooking systems, so you can use it to grill in the backyard or take it with on your next camping trip. The cast-iron grill plate is removable for easy cleaning, and a unique diffuser plate distributes heat to evenly cook your meat and infuse it with great flavor. The vented lid helps you achieve just the right temperature while sealing in that perfect, smoky flavor.

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